Tuesday, February 24, 2015

No House but a Pine

Birds Bathed in Snow by Robin Stevens Payes (c) 2015
No House but a Pine 
// || \\  
Plucky birds who
balance bravely across
the branched wings that
met at the trunk of the pine.
Like tightrope walkers hunkered
against the wind. Chirping feverishly as streaking

sleet slashed all exposed. Barely sheltered in the nesting
sanctuary of that scantily needled, wavering pine swaying  so

perilously in the wintry wind. Was it terrifying to be so exposed I wondered? 
Watching from my window, coffee steaming, snug in the safety of this strong 
house protecting me from exposure

lucky me whose thin 
skin would never 
withstand the 
buffeting slashing. 

I whose soul 
with fear for 

those ruffled 
weathering all 
elements with 
no house but a pine. 

Robin Stevens Payes | (c)February 2015