Monday, January 27, 2014




When I leave this body, do not look for me in the things I have owned or worn, for I am not there.
Memory may serve as only a dim reminder of the times we have shared together. Songs we sang together (or that you suffered me to sing in your presence), jokes and experiences may live beyond me through you. But I am not there.
I cannot know this with certainty, but I feel it is true that I will remain with you as long as the moon shines and the sun rises, in the wind and the blossom of the orchid, in the birdsong and in the beating of your heart.
My breath will live on though my lips can no longer shape it. You will feel me in the ocean’s foam, the spring breeze and the sun’s warming rays.
For the essence of me—of all of us—continues on while our planet pulses and spins around our humble sun in this far corner of the Milky Way.
And you will find me as close as your heart, where I will live forever.

For Ben, Dana and Ari 
All My Love, Mom 
by Robin Stevens Payes  |  ©February 2, 2013

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